Students Programme

Objectives of the Students programme.

  1. Equipping students for campus life
  2. Equipping students for leadership in and out of campus
  3. Equipping students with life skills for life beyond campus.
  4. Equip University staff with skills to be mentors of those that they
    influence every day in class and outside.
  5. Encourage and equip chaplains to offer effective pastoral oversight of
    the students and university community.

Target group.

  • The CU (Christian Union)
  • The CSC (Catholic Students Comunity)
  • Others Christian groups within the UoN (University of Nairobi) fraternity.
  • Christian Groups in other universities.
  • Student Governments.
  • General student populace.

Our Scope of Engagement

Some of the areas of engagement include:

  1. First years orientation– The orientation is a programme meant to prepare First year students for life in campus. It has life skill lessons and facilitators are well versed with the issues the students go through in the schooling phase. The orientation is important because;
  • They are guided and given right information to help them be comfortable in campus
  • The new students gain confidence and settle down much faster
  • It improves their socialization, communication and even performance

2. Leadership development:

This is implemented by having conferences and seminars on leadership. It helps students who are in leadership positions within the campus and even equips the rest for future leadership. This programme develops a deep and broad understanding of issues surrounding leadership and how it affects the areas under its influence. Therefore the CSLC organizes;

  • Joint Leadership training for the executive leaders of the student groups.
  • Leadership Summits; it entails full day conferences open to all students.

3. Final year’s programme– This programme covers the core areas of focus for leavers as a way of preparing them for life after campus.

4. Campus life Forums: These are monthly events focusing on various issues about campus life including:

  • Academic life
  • Economic life
  • Social and emerging issue
  • Spiritual life
  • Political life
  • Social engagement
  • Life skills training

5. Internships– As an organization we try to link students to opportunities for internship during breaks and after campus in order to gain work experience.

6. Support to needy students – the CSLC works with the student groups to identify very needy students for support in fees or living expenses subject to availability of funds.

7. Counselling services– This is run by engaging the services of trained but volunteer counsellors to be available for counselling at designated times and places in Ufungamano centre for students who need such counselling.

8. Mentorship to students –Through partnership with like-minded groups, CSLC intends to link students with professionals in their respective areas of focus for mentorship.

9. Outreach to Chaplains. This entails a deliberate effort to bring together the universities Chaplains for bonding, capacity building and engagement on issues affecting Christian students on campus and the role of a chaplain from a strategic point of view.

10. Christian Lecturers Forums. It is an effort to engage the Christian lecturers to encourage them to be intentional so as to pass godly values to the students even as they teach the normal curriculum.

11. Scholarships. This targets students who may sense a calling into Christian ministries to help them pursue further education in leadership and Christian ministries.

CSC having a vet Camp at Psigor in West Pokot